Illustration work

In 2014 I graduated as an illustrator (BDes) at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. While I mainly work as an information designer, I keep making illustrations from time to time. On this page, I would like to highlight a small selection of illustration projects.

Fiets vs File

The first three images on this page are part of an illustration serie for "Bike vs. traffic jams". These are articles published on De Correspondent written by journalist Thalia Verkade. In total, 11 illustrations were designed.

An experimental match to reinvent soccer

Initiated by journalist Michiel de Hoog and others, a match was held in 2017 to experiment with three new rules. The match had Pieter Vink as referee, and even Dutch soccer legend Marco van Basten was there. For the event, colleague Leon Postma and myself designed promotional illustrations.


Together with journalist Tamar Stelling, I've worked on many stories about (marine) organisms. Check out all her amazing stories here. It's always a pleasure spending my day drawing animals.

Verzwegen Geschiedenis

I designed and animated a background and logo for a series on De Correspondent called 'Verzwegen Geschiedenis'.


Sometimes, I experiment with different illustration styles. In some cases, I apply a handdrawn technique to create images. Below, you see a handdrawn ink drawing of Hans Rosling used in an article by journalist Sanne Blauw.

Below, some more examples of illustrations in a handdrawn style are shown:

Who will win the world cup?

The amazing journalist Sanne Blauw wrote an article how you would go about predicting the winner of the world cup using mathematics. I created illustrations and infographics for the piece.

Traffic accidents

It can be challenging to depict a heavy, tragic topic. For this series of articles by Thalia Verkade, I've designed a set of illustrations that would be placed above the articles.

Illustrations about the climate

In the future, I would like to design more illustrations about the climate to help raising more awaresess.


This page shows a small selection of my artwork. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

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