Since 2016, I've been working as a designer for De Correspondent. It's my goal to create graphics that help journalists inform the public about (often complex) matter. Below, a small selection of my work for De Correspondent is displayed.

Visualising processes

I love finding out how stuff works and thinking of clear ways to visualise this as clear as possible.

Data visualisation with a bit of illustration

Having a background in illustration, I combined data visualisation and illustration often, to create graphics that communicate a new perspective on a set of numbers.

Mapping spatial data

Maps, my favorite! To me, it's oddly satisfying to have a bird's-eye view and creating a representation of our world featuring specific 'layers' of information.


Lastly, together with my colleagues, I've developed new interactive ways of data driven story telling at De Correspondent. For example, have a look at these publications:

Telling a story using Facebook's stock market value

Explaining political fragmentation in Europe

Scroll through old maps to understand the current Dutch landscape

That's it for now! This is just a small selection. Would you like to see other work samples? Get in touch! Or see my other work on the portfolio page.

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